The Importance of Having a WordPress Website for Business Growth in 2022

The Importance of Having a WordPress Website for Business Growth in 2022

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If you have a company, you must have already understood — or at least heard about — the importance of being in the virtual world.

One of the best and most recommended ways to achieve this is by creating a website, more specifically, a WordPress website. But do you know why this platform is so indicated?

In this post, we will explain what WordPress is, why it is so used, and the main advantages that will make all the difference when creating a website for your company.


What is WordPress

We’ve talked about how having a professional website is an important step in the growth of your business. Nowadays, a brand that is not on the internet simply does not exist!

But you might think: I’m already on social media, isn’t that enough? No! Through a website created especially for your company, you get a greater reach, in addition to numerous advantages that other networks do not allow. See the main ones:

  • attract more customers;
  • increase the credibility of your brand;
  • expand the service to its public;
  • ensure more autonomy for your company.

But as we said, the website needs to be professional, both in the look and in the functionality and in the content presented. After all, it’s practically your company’s virtual business card, and you want — and need — to make a good impression.

 Also, for these reasons, WordPress is one of the most recommended and used. This platform consists of a free, free and open system for managing content on the web.

Called CMS, that is, Content Management System, WordPress is the most used tool in the world for creating websites. With it, you can easily develop websites, blogs, and even e-commerce (virtual stores).

And if you think that it is only used by small companies, or even amateurs, know that big names like Nubank, BBC America, CNN, Time Magazine, Spotify, and even NASA make use of WordPress. With that, you can see that the quality and reliability of the platform are indisputable, do you agree?


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The benefits of having a WordPress website

But the benefits of having a WordPress website don’t stop there. See now why it is definitely the best option for your business and for companies of all sizes.

Ease of use

WordPress is one of the darlings, mainly for its ease of use. It allows you to create pages quickly and has several features — the well-known plugins — that bring numerous essential facilities and functionality to create a website and/or blog with all the features your brand needs.

Its administration is also simple, allowing the inclusion of other people authorized by you for this task, in addition to being extremely easy to make new publications in it.

Optimization – Focused on SEO

One of the reasons why your brand needs to be on the internet is to be found by as many people as possible, and one of the ways to achieve this is by working on optimization for search engines, SEO.

SEO is one of the techniques used to make your website appear in the highlights in organic searches.

Among the benefits of WordPress are plugins, which are like little programs that you install on your website to suit your needs.

Regarding SEO, the most used and known is Yoast SEO. Among the functions it offers is the possibility of analyzing each page of your website/blog, checking if they are correctly optimized or if they need any adjustment.

All this is done in a simple way, without requiring advanced programming. And the best, it has a free version, very complete!

But there are several other options, such as:

  • All in One SEO pack: good indication for WordPress beginners. By installing this plugin, it optimizes the titles of your posts with a focus on search engines. For more advanced users, this plugin opens up several possibilities to improve the sites’ SEO;
  • Premium SEO Pack: in addition to helping you optimize your website and blog, Premium SEO Pack has several features, including a minimization tool that makes your website faster. Here, it is worth remembering that responsive websites and blogs improve the user experience, preventing them from looking for competitors that offer this.

Other plugins such as WP Social SEO Booster, SEOPressor, SEO by SQUIRRELY, and SEO Friendly Images are also widely used and serve the optimization issue well.


The fact that WordPress is always offering new updates is another sign of how hard this platform works so that your website and blog are always up to date with technological innovations.

This is one reason that also shows that they are very unlikely to disappear overnight. If that was one of your fears, you could simply eliminate it.

Another point worth mentioning — and one of the most important — is that updates fix flaws, in addition to improving the security of the platform.


Speaking of security, remember that we mentioned large companies that have their websites developed in WordPress? That wouldn’t happen if he wasn’t safe, right?

Cybersecurity is something you need to consider, especially for websites that will receive financial data. But as much as the risk is real, in WordPress, the chances are very low, even more so because they are always working together with other companies to create and offer users various protection plugins.


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Ready Theme vs. Exclusive Theme

Another great advantage of having a WordPress website is that the platform itself offers several ready-made themes. This means you can simply go to their gallery and choose the one that most closely matches your brand.

However, even though this is an advantage, it can turn into a terrible disadvantage. That’s because you run the risk of many other people choosing the same topic as yours, including companies in the same segment. That way, something that should be customized for your business ends up becoming just another industry website without any prominence.

Ready-made themes are also created to be used by any business, so they have several functions and tools that may not meet your needs punctually, leaving your site very complex affecting the performance and loading of the pages.

Also, for this reason, a website with a unique template is easier to update and faster, as it does not load unnecessary plugins.

This is precisely why here, at Alphabrand, we guide our customers on the importance of having a website with a personalized theme. Thus, it will really mirror what your brand wants to convey to customers, and without any other like it!

As much as creating a website in WordPress is easy and fast, the help of a professional is essential so that, in addition to having a good look, all features work correctly.

To ensure that your company doesn’t cause you any problems, take advantage of your time here and contact us right now. Request a quote and be surprised by our cost-benefit!

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